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Pinus Strobus “Torulosa”
Contorted Eastern White Pine

Here is another unique plant. The twisted light blue green needles and twisted stems give this plant its character. It was discovered in 1932 in Rochester, New York’s Seneca Park. This plant likes 25 inches of rainfall per year. It is not particular of soil types or pH, however will show chlorosis(yellowing) of needles in alkaline soils. It is best to avoid streetside plantings with this specimen as it is intolerant of urban pollution. The tree should be pruned to maintain a tight full tree.

  • Height: 50 feet
  • Width: 30 feet
  • Growth 12” – 24” per year
  • Zone 3 -40 to -30
  • Full Sun

Pinus Strobus “Nana”

Pinus Strobus Nana is a great low maintenance compact tree. Will not cover second story views. Shrub or mounded in form. This plant can tolerate a wide range of soil types and conditions. Excellent for rock gardens and water features. The needles are soft and silvery blue in color. Intolerant of air pollutants and does not like over watering which will turn needles yellow

  • Height 7’
  • Width 12’
  • Growth 6”
  • Full sun
  • Low Maintenance
  • Zone 3, -40 to -30